Raven Registry was established in 2012 to offer a high-tech, low cost, patent-pending property security status system capable of combatting personal property theft globally.
Our Bicycle Registration System is the first of many innovative property security products introduced by Raven Protech, Inc.
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The Raven Story
Marshall Lind’s first stolen bicycle in 30 years left him shocked, angry & depressed. The two road bikes, locked up to his SUV's bike carrier, had disappeared overnight despite constant traffic.

A few months later thieves struck again, stealing his replacement bike from a city bike rack on a busy downtown sidewalk. Like the others, the culprits cut the thick cable lock, the act that inspired Marshall to found the Raven Bicycle Registry.

Marshall's subsequent research into bike larceny made it painfully clear he shared the deep loss he felt for his treasured bicycles with millions of bike theft victims worldwide.

He also discovered that the security and owner registration segments of the bicycle industry had neglected to employ high tech solutions to a bike theft problem growing steadily worse with rising bike use, poverty levels and rising bike prices.

Register Your Bike
  Marshall’s idea for using NFC technology for owner verification emerged from the RFID tags used to reunite owners with runaway dogs.  
The Company behind the Raven Bike Registry (RBR) initiative is Raven Protech, Inc., founded in Silicon Valley. The Company’s mission is to deter or prevent personal property theft by developing and marketing innovative high tech security products.

Many converging factors make this an ideal time to develop new tech products in the security sector, including faster, smaller, lighter and price competitive components, improved design tools, Internet research and, most importantly, an adaptive society becoming increasingly receptive to rapid technological changes.

Raven Protech concerns itself with contributing to a healthy U.S. job climate, and although we can’t always source parts domestically, one of our primary operational objectives is to promote stateside job expansion. Raven Protech also believes in following practices that encourage recycling, natural resource conservation and waste reduction.

As with any start-up firm, our small staff of mechanical and electrical engineers, marketing and sales specialists and customer support people perform many cross-organizational functions. Although not directly employed by us, we also consider the workers employed by our many subcontracted suppliers of services, parts and assembly to be part of our extended family. In the near future we will enlarge our in-house workforce as product demand evolves.

Vision, necessity and opportunity are the operating words behind Raven Protech product development. Our 1% inspiration is injected with 99% perspiration to produce a 100% state-of-the-art, out-of-the-box “COOL” patented security product, designed to keep the bad guys out of your stuff.

The Raven Bike Registry (RBR) NFC Kit is the first of many bike security products Raven Protech plans to introduce. Although we’re committed to making RBR a global standard for proving bike ownership and preventing stolen bike sales, our star product is a high tech bike alarm slated to be revealed next fall. For now it’s all secrets and suspense, but we’ll be sure to announce it the world when its ready to make its long-anticipated debut.

Bike Photos
Marshall Lind founded Busy Buddies Inc. a few months after graduating from the University of Tulsa’s MBA program. The Company created, marketed, produced and sold $600K of his DESK-DINOS to Wal-Mart, Sony and hundreds of museums, gift shops, schools and office supply stores nationwide. This pre-Internet venture involved negotiating with lawyers, bankers, directors and trading companies in three countries, while coordinating and directing a senior management team and hundreds of production and assembly workers in 17 factories throughout Shanghai, China.

Marshall’s first high tech business was Geared for Outdoors, a company founded for the creation and development of an Online interfaced CD-ROM catalog for outdoor gear companies (Northface) in the era of painfully slow dial-up Internet connections. The advertising/sales service product was designed to expedite outdoor equipment shopping for gearheadsto for distribution through outdoor magazines.

Marshall also served as the Director of Arts In Tulsa (AIT) for 8 years, a popular Online arts community he founded for promoting and selling artworks directly through the organization's 136 member artists. Arts In Tulsa's services included Website design and artwork photography. AIT remains the #1 search result for art-related subjects in Tulsa with Google and Yahoo.

Marshall's Accomplishments