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Bike theft Detection & Reporting
  OWNER VERIFICATION with or without Smartphone
Is Bike Stolen? Mouse-over
How to Detect Bike Status
Bike Theft Problems
  1. Lack field tools for determining whether bike is stolen.
  2. No existing method for verifying bike ownership claims.
  3. No cross-jurisdiction bike registration programs.
  4. Existing registration is time consuming and outdated.
  5. Budget cuts eliminating many registration programs.
  6. Bike owner contact records are not regularly updated.
  7, Bike thieves may disguise stolen bikes with new paint job or removal of identifying brand plates or stickers.
Raven Solutions
  Instantaneous Online field verification of bike security status and owner ID contact access.
  No costly training or equipment beyond specially discounted law enforcement NFC Smartphone plan.
  International inter-jurisdictional bicycle registry
  Bike Owner updates contact or bike description changes quickly and conveniently Online.
  Owner Verification confirmed by cross-checking NFC bike emblem or QR Code with NFC owner ID card.
  NFC Emblem is highly resistant to removal efforts and continues to function even if bike is repainted.
    NFC Phones
Police Sweeps
  Raven Protech realizes tracking down a single stolen bicycle is an impractical use of limited enforcement resources. Now, with Raven’s new high tech bike security status solution at your disposal, we encourage all law enforcement departments to use this tool to conduct random or regular sweeps in locations where stolen bikes are known to be fenced, such as flea markets, pawn shops, used bike shops and street corners.

We hope your goal, like ours, is to make your job easier and a bike thieve’s harder, by eliminating bike theft and legitimizing secondhand bike sales.